Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Requesting IT & TeleCom Support

Everyone, please note, in order to increase safety and minimize exposure due to COVID-19, we are enacting the following policies:

  1.  If you are assigned a device or a device is requested for you from a supervisor, you will have to pick it up from Collingswood and sign the Agency Property form there. Any devices that have been turned in by staff leaving the agency must also be returned to Collingswood.
  2. Anyone having issues with a specific assigned device (smart phone, cell phone, tablet, laptop, aircard, etc) will have to bring the device to Collingswood for troubleshooting, and pick it up when the device is repaired or replaced.
  3. If you are in need of a replacement minor computer component (such as a keyboard or mouse) you will have to pick up the device from Collingswood.
The IT department is located at 235 White Horse Pike, Collingswood, NJ 08107. Any major issues that arise (replacing computers/terminals/monitors, repairing client computers, printer issues, site service outages, etc) will still be handled by a visiting IT technician.
If you need help with either an information technology or telecommunications related problem, employees should email the Help Desk, helpdesk@voadv.org. Emailing the Help Desk creates a work order for the IT department.

When emailing the Help Desk, please include a short description of your problem in the subject heading (e.g. printer problem, application problem, telephone problem, etc.) of your email and a detailed description of the problem in the body of the e-mail (this includes any error messages that you encounter). Everyone, simply emailing the IT department something is "down" without providing a complete description of the problem (more often than not) increases IT's response time because someone from the department will need to contact you to ask for details about the problem (that could have been included in the initial email request).

If, after sending an email request to the Help Desk, you do not receive an email response from the Help Desk within 10 minutes (see the example below), your request was not received and you should either text or call the IT department at 856-425-0449.

If you need to add additional information to your initial request, reply to the email from the Help Desk or use the appropriate hyperlink listed within the email.

If email is not an option for you, please call for support, 856-425-0449.

Also, if you are working from home and you need help accessing/using Remote Desktop, please request support via VOADV IT Rescue Me during business hours by completing the little form (and then clicking on VOADV IT  Rescue) located in the upper right hand corner of this site.