Monday, November 14, 2011

Postini: Our SPAM Email Filter

Please remember to regularly check Postini (our SPAM filter). You may log into your account via the following link .

Why is it important to log into Postini?

Postini quarantines emails it suspects are SPAM; it doesn’t delete the emails until you verify that they are actually unwanted emails. Alternatively, you also validate valid emails allowing them to pass through to your Outlook Inbox.

If you cannot remember your Postini password:

1.       First, enter the email address that you were issued (e.g. example,

2.       Second, enter a password (make one up if you have to) and select LOG IN

3.       Since the password was incorrect you’ll receive an error: Invalid log in or server error. Please try again.

4.       Select (click on) Forgot your password?