Thursday, October 18, 2012

SecurManage Conference (Pittsburgh, PA, Oct 14-16, 2012)

For the second year in a row, I had the pleasure (and honor)  of representing the Volunteers of America Delaware Valley at the SecurManage Conference (yes, the e is purposefully missing)  and, once again, I had the opportunity to speak with all of the SecurManage employees who were at the engagement. The following is what I learned during the three days I spent in Pittsburgh.

New Features:
  • Dynamic Report Writer
    • Using newly adopted technology, the SecurManage support team can now create and add customized reports to the application more efficiently and quickly. Additionally, they can remove reports from any of the report queues their customers identify as unneeded. The ability to remove reports exists on the 'company level' and not the program level.
  • Dynamic Page Allocation
    • The SecurManage support team can now easily rename fields and hide unneeded fields from the Intake module. In the future, the application will allow customers to make changes to other modules as well.
  • High Availability Clustering
    • The application is becoming a true 'cloud' program in the near future. The SecurManage technical team is setting up/partnering with a west coast data-center to cross save data between it and the east coast data-center to improve accessibility. The impact/benefit on our end is guaranteed up-time because if one data-center goes offline we will seamlessly switch to the other one.
On a side note, I toured the new Pittsburgh based data-center, PAIR Networks. I can assure you that is a state of the art facility; it has multiple levels of redundancy and an exceptional staff.

My contribution to the conference this year, during the "create a SecurManage wish-list" for the developers portion of the conference, was purely techie. Several of the organizations expressed a concern regarding how SecurManage fails to intelligently segregate case notes and other treatment related data during a clients different stays at programs. I diagrammed how the preceding could be accomplished effectively via schema and normalization best practices. (I will not bore you with the details.) The SecurMange developers  were receptive to my ideas.

Please email me, Oscar Rueda, with any questions pertaining to my time spent at the SecurMange conference.

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